The ultimate cleaning in 5 steps

The whole sequence of the cleaning tasks has always confused you. What should be done first: the bed sheets or the windows, or the dust removal? Oh, God, you end up wondering if it’s so important to take off the dust before vacuum-cleaning and then realizing that it was, but you didn’t know and now you have spent so much time cleaning with no result. No matter if you are performing a regular every-week cleaning, a spring or an end of tenancy one, there are some rules that you unavoidably have to follow. And if you do it, the whole cleaning procedure won’t be a tedious and unpleasant activity any more, it would be a simple task done easily in a day. Here are the 5 simple steps for cleaning the whole house:


Oh, this stupid little thing is maybe the most annoying one in the entire world. So start with it and take it off first with a simple wet clout. Only then you could use a microfiber cloth and make everything look perfect. And when you start cleaning the dust, do it properly on every surface: the TV, the frames, the shelves and all the things on them. Do not miss a thing!

Kitchen and bathroom

These are too time-consuming, but they still deserve special attention. Start with the kitchen and remove all the grease from the plots and the appliances. You better use a strong detergent or you will have to spend ages getting rid of the dirt. Then you can simply go over all other surfaces with a wet clout. In the bathroom clean carefully absolutely every place, even on your knees with a microfiber cloth if it’s necessary, and thus you will disinfect this whole room, which is one of the aims of this cleaning and of every other one as well.


You are one of the many people around the world who adore pillows and blankets and they are all over your home: on the sofa, on the bed, on that bench in the hallway, on the lounges on the balcony. Everywhere. Well, it’s time to take care of them. Collect them all and then find a way to clean them because they absorb too much dust. It will be a really easy and effortless task, if all the pillows and blankets can be washed in the washing machine. Thus you will make them like brand new in minutes. Otherwise, bring them for dry cleaning.

Glass and mirrors

Here with a wet clout and microfiber cloth only you can achieve greatness and all the mirrors and windows around the house are definitely going to shine.


Now it’s time to take care of the carpets and if there are no stains and spills, the vacuum-cleaner will cope with it magically. However, you should hire a cleaning company for a deep carpet cleaning once in a while, because the carpets could become home for bacteria and dust. And most of the allergies occur for these reasons mostly.