How to remove the grease from the oven glass successfully?

The holy oven cleaning – the eternal housekeeping disaster, the worst nightmare ever, a task you simply cannot run away from, the number 1 in every end of tenancy cleaning checklists and the winner of the “most hated cleaning task” award.

Well, the truth is that no matter how much we don’t like taking care of the oven, the more so as on a regular basis, we all simply have to face the reality and perform those clean-ups.

However, sometimes treat yourself better and hire one of the best London’s cleaners for a clean-up which will last more and which will be surely remembered. There is one particular part of the oven yet, whose imperfections can be noticed more than facilely – the oven glass. In fact your whole oven might be in the worst condition possible, but if its glass is clean and shining, no one will ever understand. So, please, don’t be that lazy and perform a regular oven glass clean-up at least.

With a simple wet clout

cook-750142_1280The first step is expected, logical and super easy. Get a wet clout and go through the surface of the inner side of the whole oven glass, thus you will remove the many leftovers and you will prepare it for the further clean-up. And as you cook some meals in this appliance often, there are too many particles left that stick to the glass and make it look awful.

With a baking soda mixture

Mix a little bit baking soda with some water and then apply this paste on the inner side. With a rag only thereafter scrub well and clean carefully – this will surely remove the grease.

With a windows detergent

If you strive for greatness, use this kind of cleaning product and make the both sides of the oven glass sparkle.