How to: Clean-up before your summer holiday

It is summer now and this means that it’s the most wonderful time of the year for most of us. Yeah, we like Christmas and presents, Santa Claus, a family lunch, a family dinner, a little bit of snow hopefully, but we adore another season. Our hearts definitely belong to the sunny mornings, the picturesque beaches with fine sand, the uniquely blue sea, or the verdant mountains where you can hike and sleep in tents having absolutely no worries.We all like the summer, because it is some kind of freedom, it brings it in your soul and makes you feel at ease and forget about the everydayness and no matter how nice your life is, you will always want to go somewhere you could lose yourself, and find something new. Right, we love it. And now you have booked a flight and a hotel, just so to stay overnight somewhere, because you do not need SPA and luxury, when you have summer. You are leaving in a few days and you know now that you have to prepare your house for this whole time that you will be away so that you will feel homey and cozy when you come back. Do not darken your holiday-tuned mind with worries and follow these simple steps:

Close and lock all the windows 

Well, if you skip this step and one of the windows remains opened the whole time when you are away, there are several risks. The first one is connected with the security of your home and the second with the fact that so much dirt is going to get into the house that you will need ages later to cope with this whole mess.


You believe that this step is absolutely logical, but in the reality too many people decide that the time right before their holiday is not meant for cleaning. And when you come back, expecting to see your beautiful, wonderful home, you get disappointed by the dust and the dirt and the unvacuumed carpets all over the house. So, simply do it, it won’t take you that much time.

Store in cupboards

We all have things that normally stay on the shelves or simply on the kitchen plot. Well, when we are about to leave the house for some time and we won’t use them, it is a nice idea to put them in a cupboards, where they would remain free of dust.

imagesWater the plants

This is a matter of life and death. If you water them now, before you leave, there is a chance that they will survive and will make your house look nice when you are back home. If you do not do it now, say good-bye to them.

Change the sheets

This is not a clean-up connected task, but if you do it before the holiday, you will be so grateful when you are home and you have dreamed of sleeping in your own bed for so long.