Get ready for spring by cleaning your property

The spring season is just around the corner and even though the weather is not exactly warm, we can smell and see spring everywhere – trees and flowers are blooming and the birds are singing cheerfully. This is the right time an end of tenancy cleaning for  your home and get it ready for spring. The winter can have its toll not only on our health and physical state but also on the cleanliness of our property. Even if you clean regularly, dust and bacteria can collect faster in the winter due to the lack of ventilation and regular airing of the property. Spring cleaning is the best way to get rid of unnecessary clutter. If you prefer to do the spring cleaning yourself rather than hiring a professional cleaning agency, here is what you should do.

Make a list

6441458073_040411f5fe_bMake a list of the areas you want to clean and delegate the tasks amongst the family members. Involving everybody in the cleaning, will help you finish faster and achieve better results. If you have many unwanted items at the end of the clean, you can donate them, organize a garage sale or go to a car boot sale. Ask your kids to put in a box any unwanted toys and give them the options of what they can do with them. If they need pocket money for a new game or toy, then you can suggest donating some and selling the rest to generate some cash. Getting rid of clutter will also make cleaning a much easier task.


Once you have made the list, it is time to gather the family members and delegate tasks to them. Prepare cleaning solutions and cleaning equipment for everybody and give each one a list with their tasks. If you are facing reluctant helpers, try and think of rewards for the cleanest room and let them compete for it. Make cleaning an interesting and fun activity rather than a boring and tiresome task.

Plan how long it will take

Time_Flies_by_JamoldredSpring cleaning is not going to be done in a day. It will probably take one weekend but the end result will be well worth it. You need to remember that there are certain tasks that should not be overlooked. It is not enough to just clean the bedrooms, kitchens and common areas but it is also as important to take care of upholstery and curtains and any garden furniture you may have. Store your winter clothes too. You can wash them and store them away ready for the winter season. This will free room for your spring and summer clothes.

Products suitable to use for the spring cleaning

8189171759_5c0e9bd3e5_oShopping for cleaning products can be an overwhelming task especially in big supermarkets where the variety is just a bit too much. Don’t be tempted to buy as many as possible cleaning products but rather make an informative decision. Choose eco-friendly supplies that are allergy free and won’t damage the health of your family and pets. If you know how, make your own cleaning supplies with what you have at home. Don’t go crazy but rather buy only the necessities.