Fancy and sophisticated home – glass

You have just moved into your new home or you are now refurnishing and you dream of a nice and fancy new interior design. You are no longer in your 20s, when the home is just a place to sleep and eat in. You are not in your 30s as well, when your kids are little, crawling and walking, touching everything possible, trying to eat it or throw it, or both. You are spending more and more time at home. You are relaxing there, reading a book, you are having guests, talking and chilling over a bottle of wine, far more often and you want your house to look sophisticated, to be a right reflection of yourself. But how? The previous design of your house was undefined – the cheapest, the most convenient, a few fancy decoration and a great mess. But now you are craving for perfection. And for this reason here is one of the must-haves in that new home on a whole new level.  

The glass is fragile and fancy. It must be treated carefully, with patience, but it brings a new life to your new home, a new spirit. It is so much more than just a decoration, but in the right combination it creates nice sensations. So don’t overdo, but add some vases and candleholders, some beautiful glass decoration at the right places. Over the fireplace, at the windows, on the tables, on some shelves. These are the piece of art needed. Their simplicity is impressive and means far more than a frame or a souvenir from your last trip. And if you combine it with wood for instance – real one. You may reach the perfection you were striving for. The details is what matters in life. Add some to your magical house.